Making Music Sound Real



PF 10

PF (Puremag Full range) is our highest range speaker unit which equipped with optimal magnetic circuit, which is only realized by the combination of the special pure metal and Alnico 5 magnet. This special pure metal from a Japanese leading company features high magnetic flux density and high permeability. Finally we accomplished the clean and linear magnetic circuit without any distortions.  Our magnetic circuit can realize true reproduction of music with high fidelity and naturalness that the original music source has.

Its sound world of Puremag creates will pull listeners into the real world of the reproducing music art with enthusiastic praise.

PF 10  4 inch full range with pure magnetic technology

Music power : 100W / Sensitivity : 83dB / Frequency response : 100-20,000Hz / Outer dimension, Diameter : 126mm / Fixing hole diameter : 101.8mm / Installing depth : 54mm / Impedance : 6 ohm


PT 25

PT 25 25 mm tweeter by Pure Magnetic Technology

Music power : 40W / Sensitivity : 90 dB / Frequency response : 700-20,000Hz / Outer dimension, Diameter : 43mm / Installing depth : 48.6 mm /impedance : 6ohm