Making Music Sound Real



Interconnect cable


SI-1 interconnect cable New


SI-1 is a definitive interconnect cable which can execute the complete transmission of  musical signal and it makes sure of reproducing the smooth sound without the habit.


Balance type, OD(mm): 6.5x15


Speaker cable


SC-1 shield speaker cable


SC-1 is extremely effective speaker cable for the signal transmission of NFB amplifiers in the car, which is shielded by Aluminum Mylar.

It makes sure of reproducing the smooth sound without the habits as well.


Size: 18 A.W.G. 

Power cable

Transpower 0R

Transpower 8R & 0R cable

They consist of multi twisted and multi strand copper wire and centered twisted silver coated wire insulated high elastic PVC jacket. It is a very efficient cable to transmit high current.

Transpower 0R  25m spool

RCA pin plug




PRP-2 is a sufficient RCA pin plug which is very precision machined in Japan makes sure of connecting a interconnect cable to an amplifier.

It realizes the firm and smooth contact with RCA sockets for a long time.